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A Message for Puerto Rico and the World

In solidarity

Afet and I, as İTÄ, have been careful about commenting on recent events in Puerto Rico out of a unique concern that as a fine jewelry brand that draws inspiration from Puerto Rican iconography and its cultural significance, we would be monetizing one of the most trying times for the island.

From the very beginning we set out to create a brand that is about openness and meaning, not just shiny objects – each of them reminders of where we come from and where we want to go. So, as a company that proudly carries the Puerto Rican flag around the world, who would we be if we didn’t honor the meaning behind what we do – en las buenas y en las malas (in the good times and the bad times).

We stand in solidarity with Puerto Rico to demand better.

Inés Capó

Co-founder, İ


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