The Designers


From pleasant Caribbean beaches to bustling Turkish bazaars, İTÄ is crafted, link by link, from the enduring memories of two dear friends.

Inesita Capó (Puerto Rico) and Äfet Burcu Salargil (Turkey) met while studying as undergraduates at Syracuse University—Inés in magazine journalism and Äfet in fashion design. For nearly twenty years, Inés and Äfet's paths have crossed and parted, with professional and personal detours along the way. Across their travels, between their cultures, and through the years, they’ve supported and inspired one another— a friendship that is built on openness and a love of cultural exchange. 
İTÄ is their friendship—steeped in bittersweet wanderings, seeking a connection to home.
In 2019, after years of spontaneous visits to each other's homelands and roaming about the Grand Bazaar, they decided to put their synergies to work and created İTÄ. Their first collection, Encantada, is inspired by the mythical stories and symbols of the Caribbean’s rich heritage, with subtle hints of the designers’ wandering spirits.
Inés and Äfet hope that everyone, no matter where they're from, will discover a spirit in their designs that speaks to the heart: a sweet longing for the places you were destined to visit and live, and the people you were destined to meet and love.