A joyous blending of cultures

From late-night dorm room talks to a shared fourth-floor walk-up in New York City, from pleasant Caribbean beaches to bustling Turkish bazaars and ancient Mediterranean ruins: itä was crafted, link by link, from the enduring memories of two dear friends.

For nearly twenty years, Inés and Äfet's paths have crossed and parted, only to meet, and part, and meet again, a golden chain that catches the light as it intertwines. Across their travels, between their cultures, and through the years, they’ve supported and inspired one another.

itä is their friendship—steeped in bittersweet wanderings, far from home.

Puerto Rican businesswoman Inés Capó and Turkish entrepreneur Äfet Burcu Salargil, together <itä>, met as members of distinct diasporas. Their abiding friendship is built on openness and a love of cultural exchange, values that give itä its unique appeal. As the brand grows, itä plans to introduce new lines inspired by the heritage of Turkey and other countries Äfet and Inés have explored.

Inés and Äfet hope that everyone, no matter where they are from, will discover a spirit in their designs that speaks to the heart: A sweet longing for the places you were destined to visit and live, and the people you were destined to meet and love.