#itamuse: Helga Paris-Morales

Her talent is undeniable. The power of music runs naturally through her veins as she moves with depth and heart. This is Helga Paris-Morales, a 20-year-old Puerto Rican dancer and burgeoning choreographer with the Washington Ballet. A truly magnetic spirit. 

Collaborating with Helga was a no-brainer for us. As soon as we met her, she felt like a natural fit with our brand. Helga is so much more than a dancer. She’s a creative, thought-provoking, kind-hearted woman, who is strong and wise beyond her years and advocates passionately for racial diversity in ballet and beyond. Donating to a cause that is close to her heart was important to us when we first approached her. 


We are delighted to partner with Helga and Brown Girls Do Ballet, a philanthropic organization that works to help increase participation of underrepresented populations in ballet programs through organizing and arranging ballet performances, photo exhibitions, and providing resources and scholarships to assist young girls in their ballet development and training. The movement began in 2013, as a personal photography project by TaKiyah Wallace in an effort to highlight girls of African, Asian, East Indian, Hispanic and Native American ancestry in ballet programs.

“Through her engagement with dancers, their families and the ballet community, TaKiyah Wallace developed a passion for re-defining a classically Euro-centric art form to reflect the world today: beautifully diverse.” -- BGBD web site

To date, Brown Girls Do Ballet has served over 200 dancers around the world and is working to extend its reach in Puerto Rico and across the Caribbean.  

İTÄ will be donating 5 percent of sales  of select jewelry pieces near and dear to Helga’s heart to BGDB to help fund scholarship and resource initiatives for young girls of color around the world. Click on Helga’s Favorites for her selections and help us give back to an initiative that champions joy and purpose.