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“Atabex” Enamel Pendant - Istanbul

$480.00 USD

Meet Atabex.

Universal Mother. Protector. Warrior.

We’ve named our Atabex enamel pendants after six far-flung places we dream about: Caribbean turquoise waters, the desert sands of Cairo, Bali's lush terrains, the pink light of Jaipur, the peaceful bustle of Tokyo, and the mysterious hues of Istanbul’s greatest treasures.

We’ve also added a touch of Turkish design to this Caribbean Taíno queen. A nazar boncuk—the famed Turkish “evil eye” and ultimate symbol of protection—sits in her lap, in the shelter of her arms.

Each piece is enameled by artisans in Turkey and is therefore unique in color and tone. Please allow 20 business days for delivery.

  • 14K yellow gold
  • Hot enamel
  • 21mm x 14mm
  • Made in Turkey

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