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Mini “Atabex” Bazaar Bracelets

$30.00 USD

Feel like you've taken a little bit of the Caribbean from the İstanbul Grand Bazaar!

Our cutout Atabex pieces depict the omnipotent Taíno goddess in her various manifestations. She is a kind mother who breeds life into earth and nature. She is a great summoner of winds and tides, as well as an arbiter of vast waters.

Turkish design adds another element of protection to this powerfurl and multi-versed deity. A nazar boncuk—the famed Turkish “evil eye”—sits in her lap, in the shelter of her arms, protecting her womb…the chamber of life.

  • 925 Silver
  • Center evil eyes are set in pink rhodolite  
  • Available in silver and silver with 14K gold plating in various string colors with contrasting tassel
  • Made in Turkey

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